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Dominiek Viaene

Entrepreneur, President of EBCA

Dominiek Viaene is a founding member and actual president of EBCA (the European Burn Casualties Association), a neutral non-profit organization of Burn patients in Europe. EBCA has a network of national burn patients associations in Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, and is still looking to expand its network in more European countries as well as outside the EU.

EBCA has been working towards better domestic and transport fire safety since 2008, and works on better prevention of fire incidents as well as on better care and after care of victims, but both from the patients/users point of view. There are little reliable statistics on domestic and transport fire incidents and victims, but estimate is that yearly, throughout Europe, around 500.000 people get caught in a fire incident at home or in general transport. About 5.000 of them die, and 10% of them is severely injured and needs life time recovery.

EBCA has the goal of sharing information on fire prevention, best practices of care and after care, as well as on support of victims after an incident. Together with the national associations, EBCA informs the EU policy makers about the practical side of an incident and the after care of it from a positive – EU citizen - point of view. EBCA believes that better policy making can only be achieved if both regulators, industry and users can join forces towards better results and less victims. Specifically on bus and coach transport, EBCA focuses on fire safe equipment, early detection of fires and fast evacuation of users from vehicles. The EBCA website ( already contains a lot of information on our topics, and will be further completed in the upcoming years. EBCA has been building partnerships with several other organizations such as the Fire Safety Platform, EFRA, Eurosprinkler, EFA, EBA and Busworld.

Dominiek started his professional career in the FMCG business, and evolved towards communication and marketing for SME and towards partnerships in product and business developments in different sectors. Since 2002, Dominiek Viaene’s professional experience is based on care and after care of burn victims, as well as on new developments inside the medical device industry. In this position a lot of knowledge about burn care and scar care was developed, which is now being spread amongst medical doctors and nurses all over the world. With his worldwide network inside the prevention, burn care and after care he wants to contribute to the Busworld Academy from the patients’ /users point of view.

Dominiek’s background is applied economical sciences, with a heavy touch of entrepreneurship to build new companies and services with a straightforward approach. Dominiek is married to Dorine and has 3 daughters and one plus-daughter and two little dogs to support him.

Dominiek Viaene
Managing Director Marketmaker BVBA
Bornstraat 6
8800 Roeselare
Tel: +32 475 54 85 81

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